Nashville, TN — USA

What It Means to be Certified USDA Organic

There’s a good reason that many of the grocery products on the shelves today are not certified USDA Organic, because it is reserved for the best of the best products that are produced the way food is meant to be, naturally.
So what does that mean for a jerky company?
It means that our jerky is hand crafted with no GMO/I’s (genetically modified organisms/ingredients), on a farm that uses only USDA approved materials. Our farm passes annual onsite inspections, and strives to preserve biodiversity as well as the surrounding natural resources.
We demand our cattle live long and happy lives in their natural environment. Cows are not meant to live side-by-side in a crowded room. They’re supposed to have acres of green pastures to graze upon. They are supposed to enjoy the sunshine and the rain, and eat non-chemically altered grass, not processed grains.
Here at Sweet Meat Jerky we hold our team members and ourselves to the highest of standards. We believe you deserve the world’s very best jerky. 
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Sep 07, 2015